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Analysis of noise of NSK bearing raceway

In the process of use of NSK bearings, often encounter a variety of noise. Today we do not often find the noise analysis of a rolling road sound.
Rolling road sound is due to rotation of the bearing rolling body raceway is rolling in and create a smooth and continuous noise, only when the sound pressure level or tone of voice can cause people to pay attention to the great. In fact, roll inspired by the road sound of sound energy is limited, such as in the normal condition, the quality of the 6203 bearing raceway acoustic ranged from 25 to 27dB. Single row deep groove ball bearing this noise to bear radial load as the most typical, it has the following characteristics:
A. noise, vibration is random;
B. frequencies in more than 1kHz;
C. No matter how changes in speed, noise frequency and sound pressure level is almost the same with the speed increase;
D. when the radial clearance increases, the sharp increase of the sound pressure level;
Rigid E. bearing is increased, the overall sound pressure level is low, even if the speed increased, the overall sound pressure level is slightly increased;
F. lubricant viscosity is high, the sound pressure level is lower, but for grease lubrication, the shape and size of the viscosity, the soap fiber can affect the value of the noise.
The sound source ring raceway is inherent vibration caused by load after. Due to the elastic contact rings and rolling bodies composed of nonlinear vibration system. When the lubricating or machining precision is low, will stimulate the inherent vibration associated with the elastic characteristics, transfer to the air becomes noise. As everyone knows, even if is the use of modern technology in manufacturing the highest machining bearing parts, its work surface there will always be a small degree of geometric error, so that the raceway and rolling body small fluctuations inherent vibration generated between the excited vibration system.
Although NSK bearing raceway noise is unavoidable, but can take high precision machining parts work surface, the correct selection of bearing and bearing noise reduction using precise to vibration.

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