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Tapered roller bearings and the role of the use of matters

Tapered roller bearings are mainly bear radial and axial joint load radial based. Raceway angle bearing capacity depends on the outer ring of the bearing capacity, the larger the angle the greater. This kind of bearing is separable bearings, roller bearings according to the number of rows into a single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearing. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance required user adjustment when in installation; double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance has been in the factory according to user requirements given, the user does not have to adjust.
Tapered roller bearings with tapered inner and outer ring raceway, tapered roller are arranged in between. All lines of conical surface projection at the same meet the bearing axis. This design makes the tapered roller bearings are particularly suitable to withstand complex (radial and axial load). Axial load bearing capacity is largely determined by the contact angle; alpha angle is larger, the axial load capacity is higher. Angle by calculating coefficients of e to say; the bigger the E value, the contact angle the greater the axial load is bigger.
Tapered roller bearings are usually separated type, namely the cone assembly with roller and cage assembly composed of conical outer ring and inner ring can be installed separately (outer ring).
Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automotive, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastics machinery industry.
The main reason that scar the emergence of tapered roller bearings are in the process of installation is: bearing is device, when assembling the emergence of inner ring, outer ring of skew; maybe the emergence of charge into the enemy ranks load is device and assembling process, and ultimately the formation of bearing the emergence of scar.
Tapered roller bearing is device according to standards, should not form many achievements, such as the way to form or not when the device, it will form the emergence of linear scar formation bearing raceway surface and rolling bearing surface. Device for deep groove ball bearing indirect reaction with precision, and the use of the function of bearing life.
All aspects of tapered roller bearing quality are good, but the rolling bearings are precision components, their use must also be correspondingly be careful. No matter how high the use performance of the bearings, if used improperly, it will not get high performance expectations. The use of the relevant bearing note the following:
(1), keep the tapered roller bearing and the surrounding clean.
Even can not see the eyes of the little dust, will bring bad effect to the bearing. So, to keep the surrounding clean, so that dust will not penetrated bearing.
(2) the use of land, circumspect.
In use to tapered roller bearing a strong impact, will have scars and indentation, became the cause of the accident. In severe cases, cracks, fracture, so must pay attention to.
(3), using the right tools.
In order to avoid the existing tools instead, you must use the appropriate tool.
(4), to the attention of the tapered roller bearing corrosion.
The operation of the bearing, hand Khan will become the cause of rust. Should notice to use clean hands operation, best to bring gloves.
Running roller bearings use hearing to identify irregular cone is a very common method, examples such as the use of electronic stethoscope to certain parts of the abnormal noise is experienced operators use. Bearing if in good operating condition will make a low hum sound, if issued a sharp hissing sound of tapered roller bearings, squeaky voice and other irregular sound, usually expressed in adverse operating conditions of bearing.
1, tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that the non-ferrous metal element concentration anomaly; the emergence of many non-ferrous metal composition of submicron wear particles in lubricant iron spectrum; water exceed the standard, exceed the standard acid.
2, the journal surface strain: iron spectrum in line cutting abrasive or black iron oxide particles, temper of metal surface.
3, the journal surface corrosion: spectral analysis of iron concentrations found abnormal, the sub micron particle has a lot of Ferrographic iron composition, lubricating oil excessive moisture or excessive acid.
4, the surface strain: iron spectrum are found in the cutting abrasive, abrasive composition for nonferrous metals.
5, tile back fretting wear: spectral analysis of iron concentrations found abnormal, many of Ferrographic submicron wear particles of iron components, oil water and acid value anomaly.
In liquid lubrication conditions, separated by sliding surface oil without direct contact, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface abrasion, oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity
A sharp creak noise may be due to inadequate lubrication caused. Bearing clearance can also cause inappropriate metallic sound. Dent rail outer ring of tapered roller bearing on will cause vibration, resulting in smooth crisp sound, if due to the installation of the percussion scars can also generate noise, this noise will be as high or low speed bearings and different. If intermittent noise, said rolling element may be damaged, tapered roller bearing this sound is when the damage occurred in the surface is rolled out, bearing if hissing sound pollution often caused serious damage to the bearing, will produce irregular and loud noise.
Bearing damage can of course by listening to perceptible, but usually at this time already arrived bearing must be replaced as soon not. So, better methods such as the use of electronic instruments such as condition monitoring, operation of tapered roller bearing pre diagnosis of bearing.

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