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The selection and use of FAG bearing imports when the need to pay attention

1, FAG imports bearing model selection: bearing model is generally based on products supporting the use conditions and bear the load of the FAG bearing imports to choose. The actual load it must understand the user whether the selected FAG import bearings conform to, if the bearings are not up to the requirements, should as soon as possible options model, but unless special products in the choice of models generally do not have what problem.
2, FAG imports bearing clearance choice: in the purchase of FAG bearing imports in general will only inform on what type, grade, rarely play of FAG bearing imports request, business personnel must ask the bearing conditions of use, the FAG import bearing speed, temperature, fit tolerance are directly related to the import of FAG selection of bearing clearance. The motors are generally below 3500 rpm speed mostly use CM clearance, such as high temperature and high speed motor requires relatively large with clearance. FAG import bearing clearance after assembly because of reduced round inner hole and the outer swollen and lead to reduced, clearance reduction amount = X60 60% (FAG import bearing chamber is aluminum except). For example, bearing clearance before assembly is 0.01mm, assembly interference of 0.01mm, then FAG clearance of imports of 0.004mm bearing assembly. In theory bearing noise in the zero clearance and life to achieve the best state, but consider the problem to the temperature rise in the actual operation, bearing clearance after assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm better.
3, grease selection: selection of oils are generally choose according to FAG import bearing speed, temperature, noise requirements and starting torque, the performance requirements of various oils is very understand.
4, FAG imports bearing seal type selection: lubrication FAG bearing imports can be divided into the lubricating oil and grease lubrication. Oil lubrication FAG bearing imports general is to choose the form of bearing, grease lubrication FAG bearing imports generally used in rubber seals shields or seals. Dust cover is suitable for high temperature or use good parts, seal two kinds of sealed contact and non-contact seal, contact type sealing dustproof performance is good but the torque, non-contact seal the starting torque is small, but good sealing properties of no contact.

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