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5 kinds of damage state FAG bearing imports common introduction


1 mechanical injury
Serious when in contact with the surface of metal lift off and there is a large area of messy scratching; in general, FAG import bearings mechanical injury refers to the bearing alloy appearance appear different levels of grooves. The contact surface damage and erosion phenomena also exists mainly caused by mechanical damage of the bearing is FAG bearing imports looks difficult to form oil film or severely damaged by.
2 bearing cavitation
The outer layer plastic deformation and cold work hardening, slide the FAG import bearings in cylinder pressure) subjected to repeated impact load. Partial loss of deformation capacity, and gradually form a pattern and expanded, and then with the shedding of debris, loading surface layer formed hole. General bearing the occurrence of cavitation, appear first pit, then the pit gradually expand and cause cracking of alloy layer interface, crack along the interface of parallel direction extension, until such time as peeling. The main reason of sliding bearing cavitation is caused by strong disturbance flow of oil suddenly changing cross-sectional oil tank and oil hole and other structural elements, vacuum oil flow disorder bubble formation, then as a result of pressure rise generated cavitation bubble collapse. Cavitation occurs generally in the high load region FAG imported bearings, bearing down on the crankshaft main FAG bearing imports.
3 fatigue pitting
Because the engine work overload, FAG imports bearing fatigue pitting refers to. That overheating and FAG work imported bearings bearing clearance is too large, resulting in the middle of the bearing fatigue damage, fatigue pitting or fatigue loss. This damage is mostly because of overloading, F bearing clearance is too large, or lubricating oil is not clean, which is mixed with foreign bodies. Therefore, when in use should pay attention to prevent the FAG import bearings overload don't work with low or high speed operation; when the engine idle speed to adjust to a steady state; ensure the FAG import bearing clearance is normal, to prevent the engine speed is too high or too low; check operation, adjust the cooling system of the engine, to ensure the proper working temperature.
4.FAG import bearing alloy corrosion
Chemical impurities in the lubricating oil of the station (acidic oxides) generated bearing alloy oxidation acidic substances, FAG imports bearing alloy corrosion is generally the area as the lubricating oil impure. The causes of bearing alloy partial loss, forming small hiatal or small pits without rules. The main causes of FAG bearing imports alloy corrosion is the improper selection of lubricating oil, FAG bearing imports data poor corrosion resistance, or the engine working rough, temperature too high.
5FAG bearing imports melted
The formation of local high temperature, between shaft and bearing friction pair with a convex mouth tiny direct contact with metal surface. Lack of lubrication, cooling the adverse circumstances, the FAG import bearing alloys blackening or l melt. This failure is often caused by axle neck and bearing too tight; lubricating oil pressure deficiency is also easy to make FAG import bearings burned.

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