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The basic structure of sliding bearing NSK

In the sliding bearing is a rolling bearing based on NSK NSK is developed, and its working principle is to rolling friction instead of sliding friction, generally consists of two rings, a group of rolling body and a holding basic pieces of machinery general frame composed of very strong, standardization, serialization degree very high. Because of various kinds of machinery have different working conditions of rolling bearing in NSK, load capacity, structure and usage performance aspects have put forward different requirements. Therefore, the rolling bearing are required in every kind of structure NSK. However, the basic structure is composed of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and a holding frame which consists of.
The role of the various components in the NSK bearings are:
For the centripetal bearing inner ring NSK, usually with the shaft tightly, and work together with the shaft, the outer ring is usually NSK bearings or mechanical shell holes into the transition fit, play supporting role. However, in some cases, there are outer operation, inner ring fixed play supporting role or the inner ring, outer ring are run at the same time. Thrust bearing for NSK, movement and the shaft is tightly combined with the said shaft ring, NSK bearings or mechanical shell Kong Cheng transition fit and called ring support function. The rolling body (ball, roller or needle) in NSK bearing usually by the holder are evenly arranged rolling motion between two rings, shape, size and number of its direct impact on the load capacity and performance of NSK bearings. In addition to the rolling body holder evenly spaced outside, can also play a guiding the rolling rotation and improve the lubrication performance of NSK bearing internal effect.


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