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How to choose the INA bearing type

Select the INA bearing type, the main consideration should be given to the following five factors:
1) loading direction, the size and the nature: centripetal bearing mainly bear radial load, thrust bearing is mainly affected by the axial load. At the same time, INA bearings under radial and axial load, can choose the angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. The axial load is small, can also choose a deep groove ball bearing. Usually the roller INA the bearing capacity of INA is higher than the ball bearing, and a strong ability to withstand impact load.
2) speed: INA bearing working speed is usually should be less than the limit speed n, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing high limit speed, suitable for high-speed operation occasions, but the speed limit of the low thrust bearing.
3) aligning performance: when the two INA bearing seat hole coaxiality cannot guarantee or shaft deflection is larger, should be considered in selection of self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearing.
4) the stiffness requirements: usually INA roller bearing stiffness is greater than INA and ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, tapered roller bearing with preload method can further improve the supporting stiffness.
5) support spacing requirements: fixed bearing limit axial displacement in two directions, can choose to INA bearing two-way axial load, the one-way limiting can be selected to withstand a one-way axial load INA bearing, floating support does not limit, can be cylindrical roller bearing outer ring can be separated in the selection.

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