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Analysis of the common failures of KOYO bearings

The interference is small bearing and shaft or housing bore, multi use indentation method of assembly. The simplest method is to use copper and hammer, according to the order of symmetry certain beating seat bearing with interference fit, so that the bearing smooth indentation. In addition, also available through casing soft metal hammer or press pressed into. If the improper operation, will make the seat deformation and cracking, or the hammer hit in non interference fit on the race, will make the raceway and KOYO bearing body impression or indirect damaged bearing.
KOYO bearings in the assembly, if the diameter of the shaft and interference is larger, the General Assembly adopted hot charging method. Is bearing filled with oil drums, machine oil drums outside with hot water or flame heating, heating process requirements of the oil temperature control at 80 DEG ~90 DEG C, generally not more than 100 DEG C, will not exceed 120 DEG C. Bearing after heating rapidly taken is sleeved on the shaft neck. If improper temperature control heating temperature is too high, it will make the bearing by tempering caused hardness decreased, running bearings will easy to wear, spalling, cracking and even.
We can see from the above, no matter the gap can be adjusted or clearance is not adjustable KOYO bearing, they all have to adjust the axial clearance in the assembly (bearing but some clearance is not adjustable axial clearance, leave) to compensate the thermal elongation axis at high temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of KOYO bearing body. If the axial gap is too small, will cause the bearing to rotate the difficulties, fever, and even make the KOYO bearing body stuck or damaged; if the axial clearance is too large, will lead to sound operation, will even cause the serious vibration or the cage damage.
E. find the coupling is improper
The input shaft is most equipment running through the coupling and the power shaft is connected, is looking for so when assembly must be coupling, the drive shaft and the driven shaft in the same axis.
(3) the lubricating oil lubrication bad KOYO bearings using (or grease) have a certain temperature, it will deteriorate when the temperature is too high, resulting in loss of lubrication, the bearing due to high temperature burning. In addition, lubricating oil (or grease) gas itself texture adverse or running (fat) is not timely, also will cause the bearing temperature rise or produce sound.
(4) rotor imbalance in general, rotor operation of equipment to be into the action, static balance, before assembly so, bearing is no problem. But some rotor during operation due to the wear corrosion medium or solid impurity, or shaft bending, will lead to the unbalanced centrifugal force, so that the bearing heating, vibration, raceway badly worn, until the destruction.
(5) check replacement is not timely bearing in the process of operation, according to the rules of regular inspections, if fever, abnormal sound, vibration etc., to stop in time to find the reasons, eliminate the fault, bearing such as found in severe fatigue spalling, oxidation corrosion pits, cracks, wear, hardness is reduced to HRC < 60, or had noise can not be adjusted, should be promptly replaced. If the inspection, replacement is not timely, serious damage will be caused by bearing even the rotor, thus affecting the normal production. In addition, the disassembly of the bearing, improper equipment anchor bolts loosening caused by vibration, will cause the KOYO bearing raceway and rolling body impression, cracking in the bearing outer race.
3 the failure to eliminate method
(1) the replacement of bearings, to carefully examine the new bearing, also detailed examination of the diameter of the shaft and the bearing seat hole and rotor;
(2) the assembly and disassembly of the bearing, the strict implementation of the repair process, careful operation, avoid the damage due to improper bearing assembly and disassembly;
(3) gas oil on time, ensure the working condition of bearing is always in good condition;
(4) in the operation carefully check, found the hidden fault, timely elimination.

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