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The replacement of INA bearing imports technology describes how to install the correct

INA import bearings radial internal clearance and reduced with the advance in the cone shaft neck bearing. By measuring the decrease value can be determined through the tightness degree, degree and cooperation surplus. For tapered bore bearing, inner rings are always mounted with an interference fit. Bearings and cylindrical holes of different, surplus over tapered bore bearing not by shaft fit tolerance selected decision, but by the bearing in the cone axis neck, sleeve or unloading sleeve on the advancing distance decision.
Install self-aligning ball bearings, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore and high precision cylindrical roller bearings, to determine the radial internal clearance reduction value or axial cone base advance distance, as a measure of the amount of surplus scale. The value of axial clearance reduction and advancing distance guidance value, the following parts:
1, small bearings
Small INA bearing imports can be used the nut, push it to the cone base. In the case of adapter sleeves, sleeve nut is used. The small withdrawal sleeve with nut into the bearing hole. Hook shaped wrench or pneumatic wrench to tighten the nut. Before starting installation, should be on the surface of the shaft neck and sleeve slightly a little oil.
2, large and medium-sized bearings
Install the force required for large bearings increased significantly, and should use the hydraulic nut and / or with the oil injection method:
(1) when using the hydraulic nut mounting bearings, must be positioned on the screw shaft neck screw thread part or on the nut sleeve, an annular piston close to the inner ring of the bearing, shaft or mounted on the shaft end retainer. Oil into the hydraulic nut through the oil pump, with safe, accurate installation of the force needed to move the piston, in the axial direction. The use of hydraulic nut, the spherical roller bearings installed to
(2) with the oil injection method, oil under high pressure is injected between bearing and shaft neck, to form a layer of oil film. This layer of oil film with the surface separation, decreased significantly with surface friction between the. In the direct fit bearing to the cone axis neck, generally used in this method, but also used in specially prepared for oiling method adapter sleeve and shirk bearing mounting sleeve. Oil lubricator to produce the required pressure, through the groove on the shaft or a sleeve and the oil channel, the oil is injected between the mating surfaces. Design of INA imported bearings layout, must consider the arrangements necessary groove and the channel in the shaft. Spherical roller bearings are installed in the oil groove sleeve, through the oil into the mating surfaces, and in turn the screws are tightened, the withdrawal sleeve bearing hole.
INA import bearings installed the best use of hydraulic tools, but most is the master hammer into, so will inevitably impact on bearing. The following is a bearing installation and replacement technical considerations:
(1) as possible to force through the axis of the bearing, which requires the application point of symmetrical and stable, the spherical or parallel to the axis force.
(2) the size of the force should be smooth and uniform, not a shock, this requires the use of oil or applied steady pull or pressure energy using tools, we have to use the hammer, also through the copper sleeve soft scrap metal does not fall into the buffer, strike force as gentle as possible. It is best to use copper or copper hammer.
(3) avoid through the rolling body force, which requires the assembly and disassembly of the inner ring (shaft ring) by inner force, assembly and disassembly when the outer ring outer ring) by force.
(4) the drag force due to continue until the extent of, for example, in the installation of bearings to stop force in INA bearing imports is installed at the correct position, ensure the ring (washer) end against the shoulder end surface of the seat hole or shaft, can not packed tightly, they can not be installed in place.

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