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The selection of INA cylindrical roller thrust bearings basic performance requirements

INA selected in the selection of bearing load calculation in the design of the actual load situation, more can represent bearing work, calculated results is more correct, so to widely and deeply research thrust cylindrical roller bearing on the actual load conditions.
If the INA bearings can bear large load, and still and does not rotate, this state is more negative, the rolling body and micro indentation will be formed between the raceway and soon become pitting, the cylindrical roller thrust bearing early failure. In this case, the static load must check the selected bearing rating, can overcome the bearing of the equivalent static load.
Another extreme case is just the opposite, the bearings running in high speed, but does not bear the load, so that the rolling body raceway often in sliding without rolling, resulting in bearing temperature rise rapidly, the lubricant will rapidly decomposed metamorphic, bearing failure, so to prevent slipping bearings require a minimum load.
Metal inlaid type solid self lubricating bearing: novel lubricating bearing both a metal bearing characteristics and self lubricating bearing characteristics, composed of a metal base load, special solid lubricant formulations for lubrication. It has the advantages of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, self lubrication ability.
Oil of INA bearing traditional: because of the noise is low, the advantages of self lubrication, oil bearing has become the new darling of the computer CPU fan bearing, large market demand; in addition, as more and more high request to the noise, the application of oil bearing in the daily household appliances are also in the expansion.
The working performance of the basic requirements for materials of INA bearing depends largely on the bearing. Selection of manufacturing is appropriate rolling bearing materials, will have great influence on its performance and lifetime. In general, the main failure forms of cylindrical roller thrust bearing is fatigue spalling force under the action of alternating, and due to the friction and wear loss of precision bearings. In addition, there are cracks, indentation, rust and other causes of bearing abnormal damage. Therefore, the rolling bearing should have high resistance to plastic deformation, friction and wear a small, rotating precision, good dimensional accuracy and stability, and the length of contact fatigue life. And many of the performance is decided by the materials and heat treatment process.

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