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Treatment methods of common fault analysis using KOYO bearing

As the performance that a rolling bearing with long-term use, can be maintained in good condition, must carry on the inspection and maintenance of KOYO bearings, the inspection and maintenance, is very important to the prevention of early fault, hope to fit machine operating conditions operating standards, regular inspection and maintenance.
Regular inspection generally use the following method: running state inspection according to the properties of rolling sound, vibration, temperature check check and lubricant bearing, lubricant to supplement or replace the judge. Inspection and fault handling operation. Bearing to periodically check the KOYO bearing inspection fully observe the machine and replaced and removed, check the raceway surface condition and has no damage and could be used again.
Before using the KOYO bearings, must first check the bearing surface, thus it can be inferred that the bearing is not load our requirements and standards. KOYO bearing surface should be checked for operation in the spotlight, detailed inspection of the bearing surface cracks and.
Sound, rolling bearing:
KOYO bearing even with slight peeling and other damage, size and sound by sound measuring device of the bearing in operation rolling sound of reflection. Also announced that the abnormal sound and irregular sound, with sound measuring device can protest.
Two, the bearing vibration:
For example, spalling, indentation, rust, crack, wear and so on are reflected in the measurement of bearing vibration, damage of KOYO bearing vibration of bearing is very sensitive. So, through the use of bearing vibration measurer extraordinary (frequency analyzer etc) can be measured by the size of the vibration, after frequency points not fathomed with abnormity. The measured value due to the use of the premise of bearing or sensor installation status and differences, and therefore demand in advance of the measurements for each machine were determined after analysis and comparison of the criteria.
Three, the temperature of the bearing:
General bearing outside of room temperature can be speculated, KOYO bearing temperature. If the application of oil hole can directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring, the more suitable. The earth, the temperature of the bearing with a running start rising, 1-2 hours after the arrival of the invariant form. The normal temperature of bearing due to the heat capacity, mechanical heat dissipating capacity, speed and load and different. If smooth, suitable for installation department, bearing temperature rise rapidly, can appear abnormal high temperature, then must suspend operation, acceptance of preventive measures need. On the basis of a lot of test data, table 4-1 lists all kinds of mechanical bearing outer ring in the task when the uniformity of temperature value, for reference. Because the influence of temperature, speed, load, smooth case, the table value only revealed performance temperature limitation of general. The use of thermal sensor can bearing temperature monitoring at any time, and complete the temperature across the rule value when active alarm households or suspension to avoid burning shaft accident.
Four, lubrication:
No normal lubrication, has an important influence on the fatigue life of KOYO bearing lubrication and friction, wear, vibration and so on, Wen Sheng. The bearings will not work. Indicate the analysis of cause of bearing damage, around 40% of bearing damage related to poor lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of bearings are effective measures to reduce the bearing friction and wear.

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