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Special bearing for wind power generator

Analysis of 1 fan bearing technology points
1.1 the yaw bearing assembly (660PME047)
The yaw bearing assembly is fan wind direction changes to ensure timely tracking. Fan started deflection, will impact torque M=I epsilon yaw acceleration epsilon (I cabin inertia). Yaw speed Omega is higher, the greater the acceleration epsilon produce. Because I is so big, so that was a great impact multiplied. In addition, the fan if the process in motion deflected, yaw gear bear the gyroscopic moment quite large, easy to cause the fatigue failure of the yaw bearing.
According to the stress characteristics of fan bearing, yaw bearing adopts the "four point contact ball bearing zero clearance" design, special design and processing channel, can bear axial load and torque load of. Yaw gear to select suitable material, modulus, tooth profile and hardness, to match the life between guarantee and driving gear. At the same time, adopts the heat treatment measures, increase the strength of the tooth surface, so that the bearing has good abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
Fan out in the open, so the sealing performance of the bearings have strict requirements, must be sealed form bearing on the optimized design, simulation test on the performance of sealed bearings, bearing the same life assurance and fan life. The fan is arranged at an altitude of 40m, assembly and disassembly cost is expensive, and therefore must have very high reliability, generally require 20 years of life, coupled with the bearing structure is complex, so before installation test by computer simulation test must, to ensure that the bearing design parameters and correct.
1.2 the wind leaf spindle bearing (24044CC)
Fan spindle consists of two spherical roller bearing. Because of the wind load leaf main shaft bearing is very large, and the shaft is long, easy to deformation, therefore, requirements of bearing must have good aligning performance.
Determining the bearing internal structure parameters and maintain the structural form of the frame, so that the bearing has good performance and long life.
1.3 transmission bearing
Many bearing type transmission, rely mainly on the gear oil in the gearbox lubrication. The metal particles in the lubricating oil is more, the service life of bearing is greatly shortened, it must use the special heat treatment process, the raceway surface exists compressive stress, reduce the sensitive degree of rolling road particulate impurities, improve bearing life. At the same time, according to the bearing conditions, then the optimization design of the bearing structure, to improve the bearing processing method, to further improve the performance index of bearing.
1.4 generator bearing
The generator bearings with cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearing. Noise by structure design, on the two kinds of bearing processing method improvement, preferably cleaner production process control and related components of the bearing vibration reduction, so that the bearing has good low noise performance.
Research on test technology of 1.5 bearings mounted machine
The actual performance after the installation of the bearing and bearing its performance not only relevant, but also the specific installation and bearing conditions of use are closely related, therefore, to cooperate with the form, installation center bearing installation of neutral, the bearings can be a good working performance in practical use..
2 fan bearing technology status
At present, the domestic development and production of fan bearing is the main transmission bearing and motor bearing, but the performance and the service life is not up to the requirements. Therefore, the bearing transmission bearing and motor about 90% still depend on import. The yaw bearing assembly and a fan blade spindle bearing assembly are still under development, some trial in addition to carvedilol, ZWZ and other large state-owned enterprises, few manufacturers, basic is the domestic blank.
Fan developed in the bearing, the main difficulty is required to achieve a long life sealing structure and lubricating grease, special raceway processing method and heat treatment technology, special cage design and manufacturing method. The domestic current technical level has a large gap compared with foreign advanced level, but in recent years some research units in our country in these areas have made some breakthrough in research, it must will accelerate the localization process of fan bearing.

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