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Need to pay attention to the purchase of TIMKEN bearing size

Matters needing attention in TIMKEN bearing TIMKEN bearing size measuring price consultation
1.TIMKEN bearing thickness: TIMKEN bearings should be noticed in the near the opening have a trace of thinning in measurement. Measurement of TIMKEN thickness of the bearing should be outside micrometer size fixed gauge head is changed from plane to sphere.
2 when measuring TIMKEN bearing imports thickness should be controlled at zero point zero zero five to zero point zero one zero mm, or make the TIMKEN bearing diameter deviation.
3.TIMKEN bearing inside diameter: the difference between the corresponding shaft bearing inner diameter of TIMKEN and the outer diameter of the strength for clearance. Measurements will be required prior to the specified torque TIMKEN bearing cap bolt tightening, and then use the diameter scale, in the micrometer size to Colonel on benchmark measurements before, at the same time and measurement should avoid the thin area.
The 4 main TIMKEN bearing inner hole coaxial bearing hole concentricity error: are the main causes of TIMKEN bearing inner hole coaxiality error, the deformation reason of cylinder is bearing hole of shaft of error

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