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What are the routine examination of KOYO bearing

The provisions of 1 measurement area
For the measurement of KOYO bearing diameter or diameter, measuring domestic provisions in the left ring within the southern end surface of each to a maximum chamfer coordinate area, and many foreign regulations within measurement for left ring end surface of each of two times of chamfer coordinate region.
The provisions of 2 dimension datum
Measurement in the use of comparison measurement method for KOYO bearing dimensional tolerances on the specified dosage, block or standard part as a benchmark comparison of size measurement of gauge block, which must comply with the provisions of the standard JB / T1078 "block", the provisions of standard parts must comply with the competent department in charge of manufacturing factory.
When measuring the temperature condition of 3
When measuring the environment temperature regulation is 20 DEG C, wherein KOYO bearing, gauge, standard parts and instruments for the measurement of temperature must be the same, the method of them on the same piece of metal plate can be the fastest to realize temperature balance necessary, otherwise take hours or even days to
To achieve this balance.
Measurement error of principle 4 admissible can allow the measurement error in the following tolerances of 10%.
5 pressure measuring head radius and the measurement table in order to reduce measurement error, must be within the range of possibilities, and strive to reduce the measurement table of pressure measuring force, and increases the radius of curvature of the measuring head. In the inner and outer diameter measurement of KOYO bearings, used to measure the force and the probe radius of curvature may refer to the selection

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