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What is the pre load TIMKEN rolling bearings?

Date of release: 2010/9/8
What is the pre load TIMKEN imported bearings Bearing Sales Specialist TIMKEN bearing rolling bearing product platform TIMKEN?
Internal clearance before installing TIMKEN bearings (the original clearance) and after installation to operation temperature of TIMKEN bearing internal clearance (called the working gap) is different, the former is large, with many different applications, the requirements of negative gap of operation, namely, the applied load, the pre load is to ensure that the TIMKEN bearing for preventing damage due to slippage load conditions in cooperation.
Effect: to improve the TIMKEN import bearing stiffness, reduce operating noise, clearance and increased compensation operation, improve the guidance precision shaft, therefore prolonging the service life of the bearing and TIMKEN.
Force is usually the main index (rated dynamic load coefficient Cr), best preloading load also need to first calculate the pre pressure, the tests proved that constantly modified conventional values determined by different regulating methods, implementation.

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