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How to determine the parameters of KOYO bearing size

On many occasions, bore of bearing KOYO already by the structure of the machine or device specific limit. Regardless of the working life, the static load factor of safety and economy are to meet the requirements, before the rest of the selected KOYO bearing size and structure form finally, must be approved by the size of the calculus. The calculus includes comparing actual load bearing and the load capacity of KOYO.
Static load refers to the KOYO bearings KOYO bearings after loading is stationary (no relative movement between the inner and outer ring) or very low rotating speed. In this case, the calculus of raceway and rolling body excessive plastic deformation of the safety factor.
Most of the KOYO bearing dynamic load, inner and outer ring do relative motion, dimension calculus checking raceway and rolling body early fatigue safety coefficient.
Only in exceptional circumstances, can according to the DIN ISO 281 on the actual can achieve work life do nominal life calculus. The design focuses on economic performance, to the extent possible, the carrying capacity of the bearing by fully using the KOYO. To take advantage of KOYO bearing more fully, then the accuracy of calculus KOYO bearing size selection is more important.

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