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The basic principle of KOYO import bearings and lubrication of the replacement of the store

KOYO bearing oil check and fill oil substitution method, take out a small amount of oil, oil samples and compare the ability of fresh units, can be used for oil testing, to ensure that qualified petroleum. If samples appear cloudy, then can be the result of mixing with water, is what we often say, emulsified oil, KOYO bearing darker colors you should, if the sample or process of thickening, which may indicate that the oil has begun to carbonized completely replaced the old oil. If possible, use fresh oil, wash oil. Oil change should ensure that the replacement of the new oil, the same old models, and add oil, to meet the requirements of.
KOYO bearings, oil bath lubrication system, if the oil temperature at 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) segment, oil without pollution, oil can be replaced once a year. If the oil temperature 60-100 (140-210 F), then four times a year to replace oil. If the oil temperature at 100-120 Deg. C (210-250 F), and then once a month to replace the oil. If the oil temperature at 120 degrees C (250 degrees F) above, then once a week to change the oil.
KOYO bearing no leaking storage warehouse storage place, avoid direct sunlight, the indoor air circulation, but can not have dust. The Ministry of Finance shall set the ventilation and temperature control equipment. The warehouse should be dry, relative humidity below 80%, the indoor temperature of 25 degrees, the temperature at night change should not be so big. The temperature is too low, easy to rust agent crystallization, cracking, causing some bare metal corrosion, high temperature resistance, anti rust agent is easy to loss (evaporation) or deterioration of water between the temperature difference between day and night, easy corrosion caused by surface condensation in KOYO bearing. Winter festival, bearing should not be placed close to the heating position. The Ministry of finance is on the ground to be hard, not easy to get the dust from the ground. Bearing with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive materials, chemical raw materials, materials and water in a large storage warehouse. Harmful gas bearing placed around the warehouse is not easy invasion.

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