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Analysis of some features and characteristics of TIMKEN bearings

A) types and characteristics of sliding bearing TIMKEN
I TIMKEN type sliding bearing
Or radial sliding TIMKEN bearing, sliding bearing according to the received 1 TIMKEN load is divided into: radial sliding bearing TIMKEN. Mainly accept thrust sliding bearing radial load; TIMKEN, the main axial load.
TIMKEN 2 sliding bearing is suitable for low-speed, high precision, heavy load and structure requires the subdivision of the place.
Compared with plain TIMKEN bearings, TIMKEN bearing rolling friction rolling. The contact surface is small (contact ball bearing for TIMKEN, TIMKEN for the point contact roller bearing line) of small friction coefficient, wear less accuracy, less heat; persistence; suitable for high speed operation. But bearing ability is a bit poor, poor anti vibration.
3 radial sliding TIMKEN import bearings radial sliding bearing with TIMKEN integral and split two.
The II TIMKEN characteristics of sliding bearing
The large contact surface, simple structure, small volume, strong bearing capacity, good vibration resistance, but friction coefficient, easy to heat, need plenty of lubrication sliding bearing for sliding friction, TIMKEN. Suitable for low speed and heavy load.
Two) types and characteristics of rolling bearing TIMKEN
I TIMKEN type rolling bearing
Rolling bearings are usually TIMKEN according to the loading direction and the rolling body shape classification
1 according to the accepted load direction divided into TIMKEN bearing and thrust bearing TIMKEN
2 according to the rolling body shape is divided into TIMKEN ball bearings and roller bearings TIMKEN. The roller is divided into cylindrical roller, tapered roller, spherical roller and roller.
Characteristics of II rolling bearing TIMKEN

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