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Selection method of KOYO bearing type

Each KOYO bearing series because of its design is different and has different characteristics, make it suitable for a particular application scope. For example, deep groove ball bearings can sustain radial and axial load of medium, low friction operation, can produce high precision and low noise products, motor uses spherical roller bearings are therefore suitable for small or medium-sized can bear heavy load, and can automatically adjust the heart. These properties make it suitable for engineering applications, because of heavy load in these applications, and the deformation and misalignment caused by heavy load will.
However, in order to select the KOYO bearings, often need to consider many factors weighing their weight, so there isn't so "general principles".
Some characteristics are not only depends on the different types of KOYO bearings. For example, the angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings consist of configuration, the rigid also depends on the selection of pre load; another example, speed KOYO bearing limit is determined by the accuracy of bearing, the bearing member and the frame design to keep around various factors.
In cylindrical roller bearings, the latest design must have the axial load capacity greater than the traditional design. But despite all these deficiencies, still can help to select the KOYO bearing. In addition, also should see, the total cost of the KOYO bearing selection is also influenced by the selected KOYO bearing configuration, and the market can influence the supply factors.
Design of KOYO must pay attention to its points bearing configuration, such as load bearing and KOYO bearing life, friction, speed limit, bearing internal clearance or preload, lubrication, sealing and so on, can be based on the relevant data of this type to consider.

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