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The new requirements of application and the basic properties of TIMKEN imported bearings

SF - 2 boundary lubrication TIMKEN bearing plus: acidic poly in the assembly process must use formaldehyde, high wear resistance, storage pit TIMKEN bearing surface of the regular arrangement, full of oil, especially for high load low speed rotation movement, swinging motion, often set a negative, is not easy to form the opening and closing of fluid lubrication the site, under the condition of boundary lubrication, no refueling and maintenance of long-term use, while in the filling process, can prolong the service life of the bearing can be more than TIMKEN, the current can be used for metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, auto parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery.
Oil-free self-lubricating bearings TIMKEN: This product is a steel plate as the substrate, the middle layer of sintered bronze spherical powder, a mixture of surface rolling Teflon [PTFE] and pb. It has small friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Oil-free self-lubricating property, long service life, use it to reduce costs, reduce noise, prevent the sticky, slippery. It is widely used in various machines, such as printing machine, sliding parts of textile machinery, hydraulic truck, tobacco machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, medical, micro motor, automobile, motorcycle etc..
Self lubrication TIMKEN bearing lubrication TIMKEN bearing new features and functions of metal matrix solid self lubrication TIMKEN bearing is embedded with a metal TIMKEN bearings, composed of a metal base, load special lubricant formulations of solid lubricant. It has the advantages of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, self lubrication ability.
The traditional oil TIMKEN bearings: noise low, self lubrication of the advantage, oil has become a fan of TIMKEN bearing CPU computer, the new darling of the market demand; in addition, with the growing Cao Yin, oil requires the application of daily household appliances are expanding.
The basic requirements of material TIMKEN bearing on the work, performance depends largely on the TIMKEN bearing. Choose whether you want to create a suitable TIMKEN bearing material will have a significant impact on its performance and life. Under normal circumstances, the main form of TIMKEN bearing spalling fatigue alternating stress of destruction, and the precision of TIMKEN bearing wear due to the friction loss. In addition, crack, dent, causes of TIMKEN bearing rust and other irregular damage. Therefore, TIMKEN bearing should have a high resistance to plastic deformation, reduce friction and wear, excellent running precision and good dimensional accuracy and stability, long-term contact fatigue life. Many of the properties of materials and heat treatment process of common decision.
Fatigue failure is one of the forms of TIMKEN bearing surface failure, is the failure resulting in the long-term effects of metal under alternating load, process is mainly manifested in the initiation and propagation of fatigue crack and fracture. Cracks in two ways:
The first: produced from the surface, the contact process is rolling bearing in TIMKEN, which is caused by the periodic changes of contact stress on the working surface of the external load, plastic deformation and strain hardening in the surface layer, and finally the work surface micro crack development, from the surface to the inside, in between the two surfaces of the crack formation, due to lubricant based into, make the crack wall stress crack opening, forcing forward;
Second: the cracks from the surface to produce, is in contact with repeated stress under the surface, the crack was generated in a certain depth from the surface in contact point, and down into a certain angle with the surface of the direction of development, from the surface after reaching a certain depth, and beyond up to the surface, the formation of pock exfoliation, one by one Ma Keng left in contact surface.
To produce or from surface cracks from the surface, the two cases is objective existence (parts after carburizing, the surface hardening heat treatment, if the existence of internal stress uneven hardness, inhomogeneous microstructure as well as bad, are in contact stress under the action of surface crack in general from generating. Conversely, if the surface of the parts processing quality is poor, there are defects (oxidation, decarburization), big friction or lubrication is poor, then the crack produced from the surface.

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