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Type TIMKEN import bearing life

TIMKEN bearing imports is basic mechanical precision. Due to the rapid development of science and technology progress, the customer to the bearing product quality requirements more and more high. The manufacturing plant to provide conforms to the standard, meet the host using the properties of the high quality of the products is important, but the correct use of TIMKEN bearing imports is more important. The author is engaged in technical work special bearing for motorcycle in recent years, often encounter this problem, namely the bearing after the examination is qualified, but after installed TIMKEN bearing imports early clamping stagnation or use the rotation stopping failure. The main performance of rotating clamping stagnation sense, working face serious exfoliation, cage serious wear and distortion and fracture. The failure analysis shows that, belongs to the bearing itself quality problems are not many, mostly due to caused by improper installation. Therefore, the author thinks that it is necessary to TIMKEN bearing imports common failure mode and mechanism of some superficial review, with a view to play a valuable role.
Life classification: fatigue life, wear life, failure, service life.
The fatigue life of the main movement: TIMKEN imported bearings parts material reaches the limit, resulting in bearing failure before the accumulative time.
Rated dynamic load: the life of 10000 rpm, TIMKEN import bearings can bear the load.
Equivalent dynamic load: refers to the actual load TIMKEN import bearings according to determine the dynamic load of the operating conditions of the assumed load conversion.
Wear life: TIMKEN bearing imports due to normal wear, clearance increases to the provisions of the cumulative time limit before work. The current TIMKEN bearing imports of industrial level, should wear life > fatigue life, but in fact the opposite of traction motor.
Failure: TIMKEN imported bearings failure before lost their ability to work, the total working time.
Service life: the above-mentioned three kinds of life refers to the formulation, in theory, it refers to the fatigue life of TIMKEN imported bearings, under normal use conditions for the performance of TIMKEN import bearing wear life, in conditions that are not normal, not what manufacturing defects, representative failure.

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