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The use of TIMKEN bearings should be fatigue use matters

Selection and control of 1, shaft and bearing chamber tolerance: TIMKEN bearing press in the bearing should be flexible rotation block. If have apparent rotation is not flexible, indicates that the axial size is too large, the tolerance to cut. If the bearing onto the shaft by hand after turning has obvious "rustle" sense, the tolerances of the shaft may be too large or the roundness of the shaft well. So in the control of the shaft and housing tolerances should also control the roundness, many domestic manufacturers only tolerance control, no control of roundness.
The assembly mode 2, TIMKEN bearings: because the bearings are of high precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to bearing raceway damage, cause damage to the bearing. Bearing in the assembly shall have a special mold, not free to beat, after pressing shaft when only small circle of stress, only when the stress pressure circle circle. The assembly requires use of a pneumatic or hydraulic press, in the upper and lower mold to external to the state level, if tilt will cause the bearing raceway damage due to stress, and make the bearing producing guide ring.
3, to prevent foreign body assembly: TIMKEN bearings easily when mounted to the rotor dynamic balance when the dynamic balance is produced when the iron into the TIMKEN inside the bearing, so it is best to do before loading bearing dynamic balancing. Some manufacturers in order to convenient assembly, the assembly of some oil or grease lubricating effect in the bearing chamber painted, but the operation is often very difficult to control the amount of good staff will, if oil or grease in the bearing chamber accumulated more TIMKEN, the bearing rotates easily along the shaft into the bearing internal. The bearing chamber is not the best oil or grease, such as non coated not to control shall not have accumulated in the bearing chamber.
4, the rust prevention paint: paint rust is characterized by multiple sealed type motor, the motor voice in the assembly is very good, but in the warehouse put some time later, the electrical noise change greatly, remove the TIMKEN bearings with serious rust. Many manufacturers are considered to be before the bearing problem, through our advocacy, motor factory is now aware of the main insulation paint problems. This is mainly because the acidic material insulating paint volatilization of the formation of corrosive substances under certain temperature, humidity, TIMKEN bearing channel after the corrosion cause bearing damage. The problem can only be good choice of insulating varnish, and after drying ventilation after a period of time the assembly.
TIMKEN bearing life is related to the manufacturing, assembly, use are closely related, must be in each link can do, can make the bearing in the best running state, thereby prolonging the service life of TIMKEN bearing.
Delimited calculation fatigue life according to TIMKEN bearing fatigue life, the inner ring or the shaft rotation (in this case, the outer ring or the seat is fixed) to delineate the calculation of total transfer value, total value transfer.
Fatigue life of bearing move test procedures, test methods, test scale) in a way of machine function, in order to satisfy the regulation requirements, the number of test samples bearing fatigue life of TIMKEN, to obtain the actual test data from the test of life, that is to say, the bearing fatigue test subject reveals life.
Bearing fatigue life test is sufficient lubrication, utmost ground restrains move bearing wear, and enhanced capacity and speed, fatigue life test method to enhance the TIMKEN bearing convex fatigue factors,.
Calculation of TIMKEN bearing fatigue life and the fatigue life test is complementary to each other, and the two one is enough letters.
In fact, if the use of every detail, has taken the TIMKEN bearing life test for number, to verify the suitability of the selected bearing on the economy and the amount of labor, time, therefore, the bearing life test method is necessary or important, in most cases, before the use case next, a computational method to estimate the scale, Sweden TIMKEN bearing life life, have adequate levels of reliability.

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