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Types of rolling bearing

The selection of rolling bearing type, bearing should consider working load (nature, size, direction, speed and other use requirements).
1) high speed, load small, require high rotation accuracy should use ball bearings; rotational speed is low, a larger load or impact load when the selection of roller bearing.
2) bearing at the same time by the radial and axial joint load, the general choice of angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing; if the larger radial load and axial load is small, can choose the deep groove ball bearing; and when an hour to a larger load, radial load, the combined structure is adopted thrust angular contact ball bearing, four point contact ball bearing or choose a thrust ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing.
3) when used in various types of bearings, the tilt angle between the outer ring should be controlled within permissible angular deflection value, otherwise it will increase and decrease the additional load bearing life.
4) stiffness require larger shafting, should use double row ball bearings, roller bearings or four point contact ball bearing, load large or larger impact force can be dual or multi row roller bearing used in the same pivot. Enhance the rigidity of high bearing system of rotating shaft precision, reduce the vibration and noise.
5) the separation bearing is convenient for installation and disassembly and adjust the gap often choose inner ring and the outer ring can be separated (e.g., taper roller bearing, four point contact ball bearing).
6) choose the bearing should be paid attention to when the economy. The ball bearing is cheaper than the roller bearing. The same type of dimension tolerance levels for the P0, P6, P5, P4, P2, rolling bearing price ratio of 1: 1.5: 2: 7: 10.

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