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The difference between the vibration type and common type of rolling bearing

One, to talk about the rolling bearing vibration, vibration type rolling bearing rings and rolling body is made of vacuum degassed bearing steel, good fatigue resistance. And keep the frame adopts aluminum iron manganese bronze material, high strength, good elasticity, better wear resistance.
Two, look at the ordinary type of rolling bearing, the rolling bearing inner and outer ring and ordinary type rolling body adopts ordinary bearing steel. There is a cage with zinc brass material, low strength, poor elasticity.
So, how to choose is the use of rolling bearing vibration or rolling bearing common type? Three, the following points can be used for reference:
1 fixed load and fixed load characteristics is the synthesis of radial load vector and the ring relatively static.
The 2 rotating load characteristics of rotating load is the synthesis of radial load vector relative to the ring rotation.
3 load sway and indeterminate load, load sway refers to load rotating load than the fixed load is much smaller and synthesis. Oscillating load refers to some ring load may sometimes be rotating load, sometimes is fixed load, sometimes is oscillating load.
In general, the vibration type rolling bearing ring and a shaft or the seat hole, need to transition with a certain or interference fit interference size to work under a load rolling bearing, the rolling bearing ring on the shaft or the seat hole of the mating surface does not produce the "creeping" phenomenon as the principle.

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