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NSK bearing outer ring disassembly

NSK bearing outer ring disassembly

Regular maintenance, need to be removed to replace the bearings. After the demolition, such as when you want to continue to use or need to check the investigation, demolition and installation to be as careful. Careful not to damage the bearings and parts, especially the demolition interference fit bearings, the operation is difficult, so the design stage should be considered in advance to facilitate the demolition. Designed according to need removal tool is also very important. Demolition, demolition methods study according to the drawings, the order, with the condition survey of the bearing, so that demolition work smoothly.

NSK bearing Removing the outer ring

Pre-set on the circumference of the bearing several threaded holes for mounting, dismounting bolts. By evenly tighten the bolts to remove the bearing. These usually cover blind plug threaded holes. Tapered roller bearings and other separable bearings, 11, set up a few notches in the housing block on the shoulders, use pads, with press demolition, demolition or tapping.

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