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FAG applies cross roller bearings range

FAG cross roller bearings, and can bear from all directions (such as axial load, thrust or momentum loading). FAG because of the roller and the track surface status of contact, therefore, the bearing load and elastic deformation of the possibility is very small.
This type of FAG imported bearings are widely used in industrial robots, such as automated machinery and medical facilities, FAG requires high rigidity, compact and high speed still can ensure accurate

ns in the cross roller bearings, cylindrical roller is due in 90 degrees V shaped groove rolling surface FAG bearing via a spacer retainer are arranged vertically, so the 1 cross roller bearings can bear radial load, axial load and torque load all the direction of load.
The inner ring and the outer ring size is minimal miniaturization, especially very thin type small size is close to the limit, and has the advantages of high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial use joint robot or rotating part

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