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FAG rolling bearing structure

1 rolling bearing including FAG FAG bearing raceway FAG bearing inner ring and outer ring of the bearing rolling body of the FAG, FAG and FAG bearing ball roller bearing and FAG bearing cage, the cage so that the rolling body to maintain a certain distance, and fixed in the correct position, carrying out rolling movement. FAG bearing raceway FAG bearing inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing FAG or FAG bearing raceway surface. Body contact with the FAG bearing rolling surface called "FAG bearing raceway surface", the contact surface under all load bearing FAG. Usually, the inner ring is fixed on the shaft, and the bearing outer ring is fixed on the box FAG.
2.FAG bearing rolling body according to the shape into ball and roller, and the roller is divided into four categories: cylindrical roller, needle roller, tapered roller and drum spherical roller. From the geometry about the rolling body and the inner and outer ring raceway is the contact point for the ball contact or line for roller. In theory, a rolling body rolling motion in the inner and outer rings of rolling surface, and.
3.FAG bearing cage, FAG bearing rolling body and the ferrule is its raceway contact surface supporting FAG bearing bear load, the holder does not directly bear the load. It is only with the correct location and spacing to keep rolling body, and prevent the installation of FAG bearing rolling body falling. Cage type classified according to production mode, including the pressing type, vehicle system and to form the holder.

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