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The use of low noise imported bearings under what circumstances

(1) imported bearings with low noise requirements
In China's production of the standard bearing, single row radial ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing with low noise varieties for machine bearings. The ball bearing inside diameter Phi Phi from 2.5mm to 60mm have several varieties with Zl, Z2 and Z3 three kinds of suffixes, corresponding to the three kinds of low noise of different requirements, and roller bearings from type N309 to type N322 eight models have made according to the low noise standard varieties.
These imported bearings can apply to the other requirements of the low-noise machines, and the price is cheap, such as on the type and size to meet the requirements, as far as possible the use of these two types of low noise bearing.
(2# with a relatively small bearing noise
When the low noise imported bearings can not use the above two types of bearings, can use relatively small noise. Comparison on the basis of the specific as follows:
1) the noise of the ball bearings than roller bearings imported bearing low, relative sliding less noise than the #friction) bearing slide relatively more low;
2) noise using solid cage bearing imports relatively than the use of punch retainer bearing low; noise using plastic cage bearing bracket bearing are lower than the use of the above two kinds of keep ball; more thick, outer ring, the noise is small,
3) imported bearings with high accuracy, especially for bearing rolling body of higher accuracy, the noise than the low noise precision bearing relatively small,
4) low noise bearings imports than noise relatively small bearing.

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